force majeure

we are automation.
decomposing in unholy ways.
a cataclysmic force breathing
on thin skin; palms of hands,
winter causalities.
in a like-minded quietness,
we sit in overstated silences
that clasp us together
like magnetic forces.

there is violence in my eyes.
turbulence under my tongue.
i am oxidizing, a hydrogen removal–
an electron you can’t hold down.
like a casualty of war, i am an
unruly tangle of unsung words.

it is a sudden toss-up.
a frantic transport.
i am rioting in my hushed turn;
writing a warranty for this
heartbeat; suddenly feeling like
a consumer in the division
of money back guarantees.

i marvel at my luck–at what
i have won, and stand in awe
at what i will let go;
a wondrous loss of light,
an act of god.


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