dark strung notes that sway
with a low sentence, unheard
by everyone but you.

i am a creature of sound.

from a heavy dusk i whisper
a distance that sometimes
i can not get my head around,
but still, you hear me.

eyes before body.
reflecting color before light.

we are animal eyes, glowing in
the black weight. yellow and gold,
but not that exactly. more crisp
and crimson like a color
we have not seen.

when you breathe,
i hold my breath.
when you see color,
i give new names to light.
when you whisper in my ear,
my search has never
been more considerable.

i touch my cheek and don’t
feel what i was expecting.
i interlock my fingers and feel
numb. i hear a song that we
can sing together and
i feel transported.

my fingertips, like snails,
slowly grasp for a remembrance.
cling, like dust, for a scent
of close distance. lay on my hips
like a lover…waiting.


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