a breath of fresh something

the best thing for today (and don’t worry, there weren’t many “best things” to choose from) was that 40 minutes into my Editing class my professor told us that we would be cutting class short so that she could attend the poetry reading on campus.  now, let me just say: i was super bummed when i found out that the first reading of the semester was going to be held on a night i had class.  i don’t like the idea of diagraming sentences (as important an art it is) while in the building adjacent to the classroom is an amphitheater full of people listening to poems.  so, yay for professor and yay for poetry.

the reading was by an irish poet named Paul Mouldoon.  he wore a tailored jacket that you might have thought matched the material of his tie, but if you were sitting in the second row, like i was, you would have noticed that in fact, the pattern was off slightly.  sort of an eye trick. this little detail, however, seemed to fit him perfectly.   when mister Mouldoon stated that we “write to make sense of what is immediately at hand”, i figured he knew what he was talking about (see previous blog from today) and he had my attention 100% from there on out.  his poems were musical, strange, historical, cultural, and at times, completely nonsensical (even when they seemed to make perfect sense).  i enjoyed his frazzled hair and humorous temperament.  you never want to listen to anyone that takes themselves too seriously.  also, he paused at strange times during his poems–in the middle of an image or sentence when you weren’t expecting it–which ended up giving double meaning to everything.  and indeed, isn’t that how life sort of goes?  
why in the good hell do people not love poetry as much as i do?  this is something that boggles my mind.  
give it a listen–this is a good one he read:
This poem is entitled “Cuba“.  
that irish accent kills me.  
the edge of sense and nonsense is a fine line for Mouldoon and he walks it perfectly.  He says “sometimes one rushes into a poem”…he certainly does not do that.  however, if you read my poetry blog…you will find that i do.  a lot.  🙂
if there is one reason alone that i am happy to be back on a college campus (not in a online community, or out there in cyberspace as a grad student somewhere) it is that on this college campus, a poet will visit from time to time.  and then,  the air all starts circulating again.
one more:  The Footling
This poem is about his daughter, who was born breech.  it is beautiful.  
(I took all of this information off of his official website:  http://www.paulmuldoon.net/)

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