the blog would not be complete without this, yo.

5 Things.
(these would probably be different depending on the day, right?)

On my “to do”list:

-write a reading response for my rhetorical theory class
-catch up with my ladies on saturday night
-sell my house and buy a new one that is super-chelsea-rad
-do some traveling on christmas break
-and, generally figure out my life

Jobs i’ve had:

-waitress (for a very long time)
-customer service rep at an insurance agency (aka HELL)
-writing tutor at UVU
-academic administrative coordinator
-convention services manager

places i’ve lived: (this one is not so interesting)

-repeat utah 4 more times
-will change this someday

favorite snacks:

-lately, nectarines

things you don’t know about me:

-i would rather listen than talk most of the time
-i hate carrots, especially cooked. yucktastic
-i am a firm believer in positive thinking and the law of attraction
-i think if i wasn’t such a city girl i would be a cowgirl…but a real one…like on a farm in the middle of nowhere
-i generally dislike people, even though i seem like a people person

things i would do if i were a billionaire:

-buy vacation homes all over Europe
-donate to an educational institution or research charity of some kind
-pay off student loans
-travel, travel, travel
-share with my family and friends and buy a compound somewhere where we can all live together in harmony…haha. um, no not that last part. 😉

things i love:

-family, friends, and dogs
-poems and words and conversations
-meeting genuine people who are smart AND funny
-understanding new things in different ways
-butterflies in my stomach (yes, that was all together more than 5)


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