A is never just for effort.

so. the good news is that while yesterday was annoyingly long and tiring, i got back the first paper that i have submitted in my graduate program…and i got an A. so, this is good right? in fact, after the professor handed it to me, she started talking to the class about what an interesting analogy i had and how the concept of my paper was very original, etc. so, yay. that was a good way to end the day, i suppose. sort of a reinforcement that i am doing the right thing. and also, that i am not an idiot. you never know how any professor is going to read the first paper you give them. especially since you don’t really know how they grade or what exactly they are looking for. so, i am quite relieved.

now, if i can just figure out the 8 patterns of sentence diagramming, i will be set. my editing class is really hard…and very confusing. i was never one to study with flash cards or 3X5 note cards or anything..but i think i may have to move that direction. it is amazing how well one can write and at the same time, have the hardest time explaining why. i mean, sure, i can tell you what a verb is…but it gets really convoluted after that. i think i am getting it. possibly. test is in a few weeks…so i guess we will find out. i mean, just look at this:

looks like fun eh? not so much. but, i am hopeful, that once i can be fluent in this kind of stuff that it will make me a better writer in the end. because then they start looking like this:

i am glad i am getting all that out of the way in my first semester. 🙂 and you know what? i have a feeling that once i get it all down in my head…sentence diagramming could be sort of fun. i know. i am crazy.
lots going on this weekend. busy busy. hopefully, some good pictures and good memories will come out of it. and hopefully, my dogs will forgive me for being such an absent dog mom lately. poor furry friends. 😦

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