this crap is lame:

received this email from john’s 9 year old little sister tonight:

“Sorry if I have sent you any emails lately I do not email you anymore.
You where so mean to my brother!

Ps: You have been taken off my list.”

so much awesomeness. i mean really…she is little and doesn’t know any better…but come on. i mean, shouldn’t family know that there is enough heartache in a divorce without having to send messages like that? they only worsen the situation. and why the hell is it all my fault anyway?
here are the facts: the only two people that will ever know exactly why my marriage failed are john and myself. and we are both completely devastated. we are both guilty of things. we are both to blame. my family would never blame him…or blame me. and guess what? none of you have the whole story!!
i have to say that this email was received right after john and i had a talk about what a difficult time we are having being apart. so, i may be reacting a little more sensitive than usual. oh well, i guess i am the bad guy. whatever. i don’t have the energy to apologize to anyone else but him and myself. just sort of hurt my little girly feelings on top of already being completely broken and sad.
today has been really really hard.

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