weekend wrap up, yo

friday night sucked. that is that.  

the rest of the weekend got a little better–but all in all, this has been a hard week. one very funny thing about this weekend, however, took place at my friend Ericka’s bridal shower on saturday. i admonish anyone out there who is ever going to be throwing a bridal shower or bachelorette party to play the following game:  

Dirty Stick in Toilette Paper Hole Game–(thank you Sherry)  
1) get one roll of toilette paper 
2) get one stick that will fit inside a roll of toilette paper 
3) remember to wear jeans 
4) pair up 
5) blindfold one person 
6) toilette paper between one girl’s legs 
7) stick between the other girls legs 
8) try to insert stick into toilette paper 
9) laugh hysterically because it is so overtly sexual 
10) feel very dirty  
exhibit a

exhibit b

I danced with this group of girls in high school on the dance company and i am very lucky to still know them all.  🙂  we don’t see each other too often, but it is nice to know that when something major happens in someone’s life, we are all still there to celebrate or support.  ericka deserves a crap ton of happiness, so i hope this man she is marrying is pretty damn impressive (i am sure he is). 
that shower was followed by spending too much money for a damn good hair cut and then girls night.  by the time i woke up this morning, things seemed a little bit better.  of course, sunday morning brunch with my friend sara made things even more tolerable, followed by meeting kelley for some sweet studying at a coffee shop i have never been too, which i really liked.  oh yeah, and i got that paper done finally.
here is the thing: sometimes things are shitty.  they are for everyone at some point.  however, just a few days of good friends and good memories can turn everything around.  sometimes all you need a is nice distraction and the company of someone who understands you, what your going through and doesn’t care if you talk about it or don’t…just as long as you are around and feeling ok.  i have always said how thankful i am for my girlfriends–and this weekend has really shown me how completely necessary they are for my strength.  
i feel as though i can actually get up tomorrow and start a new week without feeling as broken as i did when the week was ending.  this coming friday, my sister gets into town and i am looking more forward to that than i can actually explain.  perhaps when she sees the “palin for president” homemade pin on my mom’s fridge she will realize how much she is missing out on by not being in utah.  (i hope you all picked up the sarcasm in that last sentence).  
one last thing.  while watching the emmy’s this evening, there was a quote made by tommy smothers and it is my new favorite–especially in light of my rhetorical theory class and the issue of “truth”.  he said:
“truth is what you get other people to believe”.
HOLLER!  i love context.  

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