don’t worry, i am still a feminist…but…

call me a girly girl.  call me superficial.  i don’t care.  

i don’t find myself at all shallow or one of those girls that puts too much emphasis on material things (i mean, sure i love shopping and shoes quite a bit…but it isn’t everything…) but i really really really really like fashion.  i think i like it so much because it really is an art form and designers are able to make a statement that people actually WEAR.  it doesn’t hang in a gallery or sit behind a glass frame…it is a useable, moveable, piece of artwork.

i am not talking about target here, people.  

sometimes a girl needs something really expensive.  i know, i know.  i sound horrible.  

prada has always been my favorite–mostly because of their add campaigns.  they are always so interesting to look at…and the colors surprise me.  the fashion isn’t always something i would wear, but it always something that looks original and beautiful.  but i have yet to see a prada handbag i wouldn’t adorn.  and also, the new prada fragrance makes me melt.  but if i could choose ONE prada item it would be this:

i pine, nay, ache for it.  no really.  i am not kidding.  
i was just having a girly moment.  what can i say.  
today was good.  work was a bit slower and i had an amazing dinner with my friend sarah.  now i will watch anthony bourdain for an hour or two before bed.  (anothony bourdain will need a blog all his own…that will come later.  sigh.)  i want him about as much as a prada fairy bag.  did i say that out loud? crap.

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