sisters and changing color pigments

well, the weekend has abruptly come to a conclusion.  i am feeling pretty good about how things went.  there is nothing like sitting at home at 10:00 PM on a sunday night and feeling like you did just about everything you wanted to do.  keeping busy is key for feeling good right now, and while i got some good sleep in, i didn’t actually stop going until just about right…

friday, after john and i went and separated our bank accounts forever (kinda rough) i went and saw my boss’s band play and also got to meet up with great girlfriends and have a few drinks (also key to feeling good right now).  it is a small world that my boss plays in the same band as my friend linday’s husband, and then the ex of my friend amanda’s band played that night as well.  so, it was like a little reunion.  the bands were fun and the company was great.  i even got home at a somewhat decent hour.  we took some fun pictures also:

saturday brought a sleep in session (sesh, as i like to call them) until about noon, followed by an intense day at my new favorite study place/coffee shop/cafe/college kid hangout called The Coffee Connection.  let me say that i HATE that name.  i think it is lame.  however, the place itself is great for studying, getting a yummy bowl of soup, and surfing the web for free.  so, i am there quite a bit lately.  if you live in SLC and you need a sweet place to study, plug in your laptop and get a bubble tea (not sure if i like those or not yet)–i give it my two thumbs up (that is rare).  here is a peek:

after that, i had the wonderful priviledge of picking up my sister from the trax station and going to one of my favorite restaurants, Settebellos.  we got to catch up in person after about 6 months or so, which is one of my favorite things to do.  words can not express how much i miss her when she is gone…but it always makes for good story time when she comes back.  now, i will be able to go and see her more, instead of the other way around.  🙂  we picked up john after dinner and went for a few drinks, and it was good family fun all the way around.  
today, my family went up little cottonwood canyon and guardsmen’s pass to see the changing leaves.  i love the city and living in the city, but being away from everything and in the beauty of the mountains really made me love utah even more.  it was breath taking.  we had a little picnic, laughed a lot and made fun of my mom–cause she is a great sport.  🙂  today really made me appreciate my family and also just how FUN they are.  we really do make each other laugh…so much so that we end up tearing up from hysterics. it was a great day.  here are some pictures from the canyon:


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