i hate sarah palin

i hadn’t made up my mind about biden until tonight.  i like him.  he has a genuine smile and he speaks with a real knowledge and hope.  he pretty much killed her in the debate.  i mean, if there had to be a winner, it would be him.  he knows his shit.  he can back it up.  the only thing sarah could talk about was alaska, her hockey mom bullshit, and energy.  oh, and energy.  oh wait, and also…energy.  jfc, lady.  get a clue.  if the only thing that you can talk about is energy and the way that you want to solve that problem is to not look at the causes but continue to use already depleting resources…you are simply not only an idiot, but a novice.   she makes me skin crawl as badly as george bush.  and that is saying something.  honestly, i don’t know how anyone who wants good things for our country, our economy, and our troops could vote the republican ballot on november 4th.  i hope they have learned something over the last 8 years of wreckage.  

oh, and i got an A on my second paper in Rhetoric.  so, that is 2 A’s so far.  good things are happening for chelsea.  school rules.  work is good (even though it is stressful) and barack obama is going to kick john mccain’s ass.  so, you know–all that other rough times crap that is going on right now i can put on the back burner.  i have to anyway, for sanity purposes and such and such.  


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