double life

i think sometimes i am two different people….one person that loves politics, poetry, thoughts, words, etc. and then there is this other person. the one who is stoked the new britney spear’s single dropped. HAHAHAHHA. no, i am not kidding. ani difranco. britney spears. yeah, i know–it is strange. i guess it is semi cool that i can appreciate the mudane as well as the intricate. right? come on. just give me that.

editing test over. i think i did, um, ok. i really don’t know and can’t really tell. i didn’t fail. but i am not thinking i aced it either. it was hard…and took a really long time to take. so, here is hoping for the best. my guess is somewhere between a 74-86%. Which, i am totally fine with. I am going to get a serious A in my other class.

i am hoping to get to las vegas next weekend. it is my fall break and i really need to let go and chill out. shop. get a massage. drink. hang. that type of thing. i am working on getting a hook up, and if it happens, then i will be livin it up in sin city next friday – sunday. keeping my fingers crossed. nice thing about working in a hotel, is that you work with other people who have worked in other hotels and they usually have hook ups somewhere. a guy i work with worked the vegas circut for a long time and so he is going to see what he can do for me. think positive thoughts that say: chelsea will kick it in vegas. chelsea will kick it in vegas. you are all invited, by the way. 😉

that is about it. not much else going on. going to the new soccer stadium tonight for a work social gathering. should be fun.


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