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last thursday i got to go to the opening night of the new soccer stadium for work.  we have the major league soccer account and so the radisson hosts all of the visiting teams.  so, since we are a “supporter” we got vip into the stadium and got to chill out with all the free drinks and food.  it was really fun except for the fact that it was effing FREEZING cold.  we didn’t even stay until half time–but i am still really glad we all got to go.  working in the hospitality industry comes with some good perks.  i am happy about that.  😉

then this weekend, it decided that it was time to snow.  not happy about that in the least.   winter always makes me depressed.  i hate the grey and the dreariness and the wet.  i could even handle the cold by itself without the snow.  driving in it stresses me out.  i am glad my commute to work has been cut down considerably since last winter, so it shouldn’t be so bad.  the dark mornings and dark evenings just make me want to sleep.  not wake up.  just snuggle with my dogs in bed all day long.  it is supposed to get back up to about 70 this week, so that is good.  but sooner or later, snow will be a daily thing again for the next 5 months and i will want to wallow around like a lame depressed person.  god, that is depressing.  just look at this crap:

tomorrow i will find out what i got on my first big test.  i am a little embarrassed that i have been making such a big deal about it.  because now, if i fail, i sort of have to tell everyone.  so, if you never hear another word about it after this blog, you just may as well assume that i bombed it majorly bad.  i really hope that isn’t the case.  
the house still goes up on the market on the 1st of november.  i am sad to sell it, but very anxious to get out of here and into my own place.  i am ready to live alone and just be me and be single.  it is sort of hard to do that here.  if it sits on the market for months, i may have a break down.  however, the market has gone up over 7% and I am hopeful to be outta here over the christmas break.  
oh, and the new ani difranco album isn’t as stellar as i would have liked.  4 or 5 songs on it are pretty awesome, but there is one song that i simply can not stand.  i will write a more detailed review later.  because honestly, it is going to take some time.  
that is all for now, motha twistas.  loves.  

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