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i had been looking forward to seeing the “body worlds” exhibit here at the leonardo building in Salt Lake City ever since i heard a story about the exhibit on NPR a few weeks before it arrived. it sounded so brutal, beautiful, and unique.  body worlds is an exhibit of real human bodies and organs that have gone through a technique called “plastination”.  

(from the Body Worlds website:)

“Plastination makes it possible to preserve individual tissues and organs that have been removed from the body of the deceased as well as the entire body itself. Like most inventions, Plastination is simple in theory: in order to make a specimen permanent, decomposition must be halted.”

so, basically, you get to see real bodies, sans skin, from every angle imaginable.  gross?  perhaps.  but also very intensely striking with a feeling of reverence.  as you get going, there are moments when none of it looks or feels real.  it all seems like some kind of large doll house of human bodies.  and then, in moments, you see eyelashes, or fingernails, and you realize that these were actual people who had donated their bodies in the hopes that others could see and learn something from them.  and in fact, they have become a real works of art that will outlast what any other normal body could.  in a way, they have become everlasting and immortal.  seems like quite the way to do things when one considers what a normal deceased human body undergoes.  just read the book “stiff” and you will start thinking like me: cremation only.  but perhaps now, i will donate my body–rather than have it burned or raped with chemicals and sewing needles after i am dead. 

somehow, that gives me a better outlook on death all together.  

i sort of have a death issue.  😉  (like who doesn’t?).

here are some pictures from the SLC and other Body World’s exhibits.  
so, there was that.  that was fun and interesting.  other than that, nothing amazing has really been going on to speak of.  work is settling down a little bit, which has been nice.  in fact today, i have a big group and not one person has called me from work to ask me a question or tell me that anything has going horribly wrong.  so awesome!  

it is my fall break right now also, so i have had a little time off from school.  obviously, i didn’t get to vegas, but vegas will always be there i suppose.  i didn’t do so great on that editing test, so i have spent quite a few hours figuring out where i went wrong.  good news: i think i figured it out.  and also, i got another great grade on my first really big paper in my rhetoric class. so, things are good as far as that goes.  i got to take the dogs to the park today since the weather decided that yes, in fact, it WAS too early for snow, and we have had some beautiful fall days.  so, all in all–a good week, a good weekend, and feeling pretty positive about life in general.  

now if i can just get this house sold…………

i can’t stay off of these days.  i can’t wait to buy my own place. 🙂

toinght:  dinner and bowling with the ladies.  oh snap.  perhaps i will even do a little shopping before that.  shhhhhh.  don’t tell chelsea.  😉


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