furrowed brows, by chelsea

things have been strange the past few weeks.

work slowed down quite a bit. november is going to be one of our slower months, so it has sort of been nice to sit back and calm down a bit. i am feeling more like i have settled in here at my new job, made some good friends already, and am getting a good handle on how to go about doing my job the best way possible. um, i think.

school has officially taken over my life. the last two weeks i have sat in my editing class and have had absolutely no clue what the hell the woman is talking about. and, when i do gleen something, within moments, she is onto something else i don’t know and i completely lose the previously gleened piece of informaiton. it is one of the most frustrating classes i have ever taken. i mean, hey, i think i am a pretty smart person–and so this is very discouraging because it makes me feel like i am an idiot. and I HATE feeling like that. i may as well be taking a math course–or japaneese for that matter.

other stuff has been going on that has sort of thrown me for a loop also. just a weird few weeks. i feel like i haven’t seen my girlfriends in years. i really need to pick a date and throw a party…make em all come to me! 🙂 also, i have been feeling pretty anti social, which has been ok since i have been needing to do a lot of homework…so that is what this weekend will probably be spent doing as well. i have two papers to write and a test to study for. although, in the middle of that, i will be finishing my tattoo on saturday. this should be my last session for my sleeve, so i am very excited about that. not the pain, not the healing…but the finished product! winter always makes me a little sad because i feel like i don’t see my tattoos for months. maybe something else fantastic will come up, but i am not counting on it.

so, i guess happy halloween and stuff. last halloween we had just moved into the new house. funny how things change in a year. one year later, we are putting it up for sale. bummer.


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