twas the night before…..

i recently discovered a slew of new music.  there is something about being introduced to something new and instantly understanding it.  i feel like i have been living in a world of new melodies and notes now for a few days; a little drunk on electronica and some slow jazz beats.  

i actually feel like i got a lot of homework done this weekend and also tonight.  i locked myself in my room for 2 days with no tv and set the computer aside for a moment.  some of that editing crap started to make sense and tonight i found a really great ‘artifact’ for my next rhetorical theory paper…the movie ‘thank you for smoking’.  what a gem of rhetorical delight.  sigh.
had a great tattoo session.  if you didn’t know it, you might think it was all done (the arm that is).  it isn’t…but now it looks like it could be.  a work of art right here on my skin that i get to look at everyday.  that makes me smile.
i got new curtains.  and bedding.  i don’t want to leave my bedroom now.  
other things sit in my chest, but all in all, life is working out.  i never know what is around the corner and i never know what new album i will hear, who will tell me about it, or who will tell me something they never have before.  there is a mystery to my life right now that doesn’t make me worry, but rather, allows me to look forward with anticipation in figuring it all out.
i have also started an obsession with bottled still (not sparkling) water.  i swear it tastes better in a glass bottle.  just saying.  oh, and brunch.  still obsessed with that.  
oh, and guess what else?  obama is going to kick some ass tomorrow.
life is looking up and everyone who is in it seems to be here to stay.  i am a lucky girl.  

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