bye bye doggie

i took the day off of work today so that i could spend some extra time studying for a test and working on a paper…all due this week.  it was nice to be able to sleep in and catch up.  i also had to do a crappy thing today…which was take my little doggie, mabeline, back to the humane society.  most of you know that i had been thinking about doing this for a while due to the really bad dog fights that she kept starting.  that was one reason.  the second reason was because i have started feeling really bad that i have three dogs and i am never home to chill out with them.  then, the other day she bit pablo’s ear really bad and he was having a hard time healing because she kept playing with him and hitting it again…which would send him whining and wincing and make me feel SOOO bad.  anyway, in order for his little ear to get better, i felt like i had to give her up.  she is such a good dog with people, but was not meant for a household full of other pets.  

anyway, it was heart-wrenching to say the least and i have been feeling kind of lame about it all day.  i am sure she will get adopted really quickly because she is so darling.  but, still–i am sure she is sitting there in her little kennel now being so confused and hating me.  😦  i do feel a little relieved, however, because rainer and pablo are so good and now i think the house will feel a bit more calm.  whew.
life has been all consumed with work and school and some hanging out.  so, life is good.  i actually had a moment in my car the other day where i was listening to some new tunes and out of nowhere got a huge grin on my face.  i actually FELT happy and excited and content with where i was.  it was a good feeling that hasn’t really left yet.  life is happening and i feel like i am going in the right direction, as cliche’ as that sounds.  
meeting awesome new people and hanging out with amazing old friends just makes me feel full.  
once this week is over, a test and a paper will be out of the way, then thanksgiving, then christmas, and my first semester of grad school will be over!  i am really ready for a break, but i am so grateful to be in school.  i am happy to have something kicking my ass.  😉
until next time!
I will miss you, mabeline.  i will be punished in hell someday for being such a lamewad dog mom. 😦  


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