the end is in sight….

this semester has seriously felt like a billion years long. i credit that mostly to everything else going on in my life…but man, i am ready for a nice long break. i attended my last editing class on Tuesday night, so now it is just a matter of DOING the take home final, turning it in, and then having a pot luck with my fellow editors. there will be wine and cheese. this makes me love graduate school. and only a few more papers and a presentation in my rhetorical theory class and then, whamo–first semester under my belt. my predictions are 1 A and 2 Bs. which, i can live with–absolutely. i mean seriously, i feel with a new job, a divorce, and a whole lot of other shit going on–i am fine without the straight As (they will be coming eventually when life settles a bit).

i am feeling a little bit more like i am in a routine now. i used to hate routine. but i sort of feel myself aching for it a bit. school and work are certainly a structure that has me sticking to certain patterns. otherwise, i would fail miserably. i am also feeling like i haven’t done anything really amazing in a while, and that kind of depresses me. i really need a beach setting vacation–but all of a sudden i sort of started wondering about who would go with me. LOL. any takers??? mexico needs to be on my horizon soon. you might think that pictures like this are just post cards…but let me tell you–this is the real deal, i have seen it myself. ug, gotta get back. gotta get back.

thanksgiving was pretty good. kind of strange being that it was my first one as a single person in 7 years…but family time was actually a lot of fun and overall, i enjoyed myself. šŸ™‚ twilight was sort of a lame movie…but it was fun to go see it with the entire family. now, christmas is just around the corner and i have not purchased one thing. i did get a tree up–a few little silver ones–but that is about it. i have never been one for christmas decorating–always seemed like a lot of work when john and i didn’t really care. but this year, i get to host the girlsquad christmas bash, so i sort of HAD to have something up. it will be really good to have all of my amazing ladies over.

not one call on the house yet. eff. and john has sort of disappeared off the face of the planet while owing me large sums of money–but that is neither here nor there. it is amazing how far away that life feels now. my life has completely changed. thank god.

in the meantime, i have a date tomorrow night that i am very much looking forward to. šŸ™‚



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