holiday wrap up crap up

all that is left is new year’s eve…and that, my friends, should be a good time.

i have been disenchanted with christmas for a while now. mostly because putting up a bunch of christmas decorations for myself and another person who didn’t really care just seemed like a lot of work. this year was the most i have felt like being in the christmas spirt in years…which struck me in a strange way. i thought that going through the holidays would be kind of hard, and they were in their own way, but in the end–i had a great time. christmas eve with my family was a lot of fun this year and i have to admit, i realize more and more how hysterical everyone in my family can be. i have to give us props for our sense of humor–even with all of our differences. it was nice having both my sisters in town and i felt like family time was well spent. christmas day was spent eating a lot of food, opening more presents, and driving a lot in the damn snow. in between family time, i got to hang with a good looking fellow sharing music and drinking bordeaux. all in all–a great holiday.

glad it is over, however.

having a break from school has been just what the doctor ordered. i don’t know what doctor–but a good one. πŸ˜‰ i ended the semester with an A, a B and C. Yes, a C in the editing class…thank god i passed it–but ug, a C. considering everything that was going on this semester, i am really happy with my grades. however, because i got a 2.8 (blarg, i have NEVER had a GPA that low), i am now on academic probation (which sounds SO terrible); meaning, i have to get at least a 3.0 next semester. i never thought that having to hit a 3.0 would be a hard thing for me, but i guess when you have major life changes going on, on top of your first semester of graduate school (full time, mind you), it happens. but it won’t happen again. next semester should be a bit more settled. i feel a bit more settled. but for the rest of my holiday break, i am going to stay up late, party, and hang with friends as much as possible!

i am really looking forward to a new year. 2008 proved to be the most difficult year of my life. i am more than happy to see it go. really good things happened this year, of course, it was just a lot to consume and take in. if nothing major happens in 2009, i won’t complain. i just want to sell my house and move back downtown and have my divorce final. then, i think i will feel free and happy. i don’t like to make new year’s resolutions, but here are a few things i that WILL happen for me in 2009.

1) i will sell my house.
2) i will find a dope place of my own and FINALLY live by myself, which is something I have always wanted to do.
3) i will NOT be on academic probation πŸ˜‰
4) i will go on some amazing trip…hopefully, more than one. i would like to go back to napa and sonoma and do a wine country trip again and i would like to sit my ass on a beach in mexico for several days. would also like to make a few trips to denver so see my sis.
5) i will make my bonuses at work
6) i will make peace with myself with all the shit that has happened in the last year and put it behind me and move forward
7) i will not let my credit score go to the crapper because someone won’t pay for what he said he would pay for.
8) i think it is time to reinvent myself a little bit–purging things in my life that aren’t working and spending more time and energy doing things that are fulfilling and make me happy. i want to start putting the little time i do have towards things that will flourish instead of towards things that are stagnant.
9) i will spend more time writing because i feel like i need to get to know myself again.
10) i will only give myself to those who give back equally.

think that is enough? i do. crap.

it is going to be an amazing year. i can already tell.

go chelsea! πŸ˜‰


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