i updated my “about me” today on my lameass myspace page. thought it would make an ok blog.

i am addicted to lipgloss and don’t care.
i would rather listen to music than watch tv.
i love my dogs but don’t dress them up.
i hate chipped nail polish.
i have literally no time, so if i give you some of it, feel very special; you are important to me.
i live in a house that is way too big for me.
i am obsessed with wine and tend to think i know a bit about it.
i have little tolerance for republicans and conservatives.
i am a feminist–which probably means something totally different than what you THINK it means.
i kick ass at event planning.
i am in graduate school and it makes me a better person.
i write poems and lists and phrases and tidbits.
i wish i was a better photographer.
if i am going to cry, i usually do it while i am driving. it happens at least twice a week.
i am a social networking whore.
i love my people, but hate most others.
i am pretty sure i had a love affair with rainer maria rilke in a past life.
my dogs are named after poets.
i hate irresponsibility.
i have the best girlfriends in the world, hands down, no question about it.
sometimes i eat in bed, but mostly standing up in my kitchen by myself.
i have a really good credit score.
good conversations save my life over and over.
i am semi obsessed with ani difranco.
i like driving because that is where i really listen to music.
seeing good live music is like praying.
i don’t buy into religion.
i am damn hysterical.
i am almost happy.
i am a poem.

in other news–a poetry contest was announced on campus today–i can submit up to three poems. i would love some-any-all feedback on anything i have posted on engelpoems recently because i will have a hard time deciding which to pick. i need HELP!!!


Judged by Nancy Eimers

$100 and publication in Ellipsis

Submit 1-3 poems, each page identified with name, address, phone and email to Arts & Sciences Office (Foster 218) by 5 p.m. January 26



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