i bought 4 new pairs of shoes this week

yes, i do realize it has been quite some time since i have actually posted anything besides lists, updates, and random things. oh well–things have been sort of crazy-ish.

some things i should cover:

school is very much back in full swing. and i am happy to say that this semester (so far) isn’t kicking my ass anywhere near as bad as last semester. last semester REALLY was trial by fire. this semester i am taking a web design class which is a lot of in class lab time, etc–so the homework load has been slight. SO NICE. so, i get to focus more on the readings and research i get to do for my advanced rhetorical theory class. this class is sort of an extension from my class last semester…but we get to sort of do our own thing this time around. i am really excited about my topic and hopefully, by the end of the semester, i will have a really great publishable academic paper that i can use for applications to PhD programs or other such well intentioned endeavors. 😉 i would love to get my PhD, of course–but that seems like such a long shot right now. i would be happy to just have something published in an academic journal. and, that is sort of what grad school is for. i should have SOME published by the time i graduate. i am also hoping to present at a few conferences. things like that are really hard while working full time, however. i really wish i could quit working and just do school 100%. right now i barely have time to get through homework, papers, tests, and reading…let alone work on papers in addition to that for publishing. eek! so, all is well on the school front. i should be able to design a mad web page here pretty soon. multimedia is really actually a lot of fun. never considered myself a “techy” person–but i am finding that anything with computers, design, layout, the WWW and the like, usually has my undivided attention.

i still haven’t had even one little nibble on the house. i am going into the 4th month of it being on the market and i don’t think my realtor has received one call on it. i really don’t feel like it is over priced–i think it is just due to the crappy ass economy and also the fact that you can build a house next door to mine…so why buy one that you didn’t design??? i have really considered just starting to pack up. you know, that whole putting it into the atmosphere thing. i mean, in reality it would really suck to have to move in the middle of a semester–but if i can sell that house and be in a MY OWN place by summer term, life will be good.

work has been pretty kick ass. i have been getting sick of my GM always going on and on about the economy and how we should be thankful for our jobs, etc etc…but other than that–i am really still enjoying it. AND, i got my first bonus check last week. the bonus structure was one of the main reasons i took this position–and so i was very relieved when i could actually SEE what a reality it is. things have been a little slower so far this quarter–but i am hoping they pick up. and in the meantime, i have a nice buffer in my savings account and don’t have to worry so much that the ex hasn’t paid me a dime in 4 months.

all divorce papers have been filed and accounted for (as of today…), so this means the divorce should be final here any time. i really have no mixed feelings about it whatsoever. this is the right thing for both parties…and i will be so very happy when that divorce decree comes in the mail and i get to change my name back to “nelson” for REAL, and hand over half of the debt sitting in my bank account to mister lofgren. whether or not he can pay it after that is his own problem. so far, i think i have carried all of our bills/mortgage/etc pretty well. i may have had to use my credit card a few times…but all in all, i am pretty proud of myself for not drowning. i will be happy to get my head above water here pretty soon, regardless.

AND, i have a sweet vacation coming up! at the end of the month and the day after my 29th birthday, i will be heading to portland along with one of my very favorite people, mister randy herbert, for 4 days of no work, no school, and a hell of a lot of fun. one of my bestest friends, lacey, lives in portland, and randy (having lived in portland for 4 years) has a best friend out there as well. we are even being welcomed with a “kegger”…which should be good times. i have only been to portland once, and only for a short time…but i really loved it and i am excited to go spend some time in a very cool city. mostly, i am just really excited to take 2 days off work and chill out. the 11 hour drive will even be relaxing as far as i am concerned. the last vacation i had was san diego in may, and i was deathly ill the entire trip. so, i am due a good time with good friends. also, if anyone has any really amazing new music for us to listen to during our many hours in the car–send your suggestions my way. we will both appreciate it!

i will be 29 in exactly 3 weeks. bring it. i am SO done with the 20’s…30 can’t get here fast enough as far as i am concerned.

and lastly, we have a new president!!! thank jeebus! i will never ever ever forget watching the inauguration at work, in the closed bar lounge, with all of the people here in salt lake city for the outdoor retailers convention. i was nearly moved to tears during president obama’s inauguration address and i couldn’t be more excited for our future as a country. it was such a historical moment and i am so glad we finally got it right. i am so glad i can finally claim something “american” with my head held high. times…they are a changin!

life is really good right now. i have so many great things going on and so many wonderful people in my life. wouldn’t change a thing.

wait, i would change ONE thing: i missed the deadline for the poetry competition. that sucked.

band of the week: MGMT (can’t rock this enough!)

quote of the day: “The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.” –Rainer Maria Rilke

current pet peeve: being sleepy

current reason it shouldn’t be a pet peeve: i had an amazing night, even if a lot of sleep was not involved.

ok. enough.



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