how to get to philadelphia

i cross my legs on a plane somewhere
over the midwest—kansas or missouri or
somewhere equally as boring, flat,

the plastic cup of wine from the small dark
green glass bottle, feels like a business trip
in disguise. a residual sugar that is sweet
and suddenly bitter. sleep feels on the
ends of my lashes, but recreated and
plastic, like the air
pumping in through the
vents above my head, pouring onto my
neck like a lover’s touch—only in a dream
you wake up from to realize you are
alone at 2:39 in the morning and the
bedroom door is in the wrong place,
because this is the first night you haven’t
in his bed
in days.

the flight attendant brings bottled water
that tastes like recycled material.

the pilot wishes he was as brave, as
culpable, as the one last week,

who successfully landed a 747 jet
plane into the hudson river.

photos of a mother floating in an air raft,
clutching her baby,
rattling in his memory as he thinks…
maybe… just maybe
an engine will fail.
maybe a lost bird, wings crumpled with such
force, that an engine, holding hundreds of
passengers on its back, could just…

and perhaps in 3 days when I board another
aircraft–one that smells the same and embraces
me the same—you will think of me in the sky
over your head
and for a moment, worry
that the hudson river could engulf me
in a far reaching wave of blue
and hold me there—where your bedroom
door will never open
or close


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