i don’t sleep, i dream.


i am exhausted.

i have still not recovered from my portland trip, which was blissfully, wonderfully, epically amazing.

it rained a lot and it really didn’t even bother me until we drove home. then i wasn’t happy about it.

i had some of the best conversations of my life and met new people who i am happy to now know.

the radisson in portland is not as nice as the radisson here in salt lake, but it was cheap. so, oh well.

we shopped a lot.

my friend lacey is amazing and i almost would move to portland just to see her face everyday. she gives good advice.

i didn’t do one bit of studying while i was gone. didn’t even attempt.

for my birthday, i got somewhere between 8 – 12 bottles of wine. my friends know me well.

i have 1 bottle left. oooops.

we drank a lot in portland.

pork belly soup sounds gross, but it was pretty much the tastiest thing ever.

smoking cigars isn’t feminine, but who gives a shit?

long drives with good music are one of my favorite things in the world.

the battery in the car died while sitting in the bank parking lot in portland. it was a hundred bucks. that wasn’t fun. although, in the meantime we bought a lot of great clothes. oh, and earrings. so all in all, it cost quite a bit more than a hundred bucks.

a dirty martini in portland, OR is much better than one in salt lake city

i listened to A LOT of amazing drumming in bryan kopra’s basement

well, that is all over. just a quick recap, i guess.

since we pulled into salt lake city on monday morning, around 2:30 am, things have gone a little bit downhill. people always surprise me. always. i guess that is a good thing…until they surprise you in ways that piss you off. but alas, nothing to do about it besides write a poem and have a few sleepless nights. by monday, i will have moved into wine induced sleep, which is better. i think. πŸ˜‰

work has been busy. this is good. and after a week of playing catch up, i think i am on the track back to being caught up with school. right when i get frustrated and feel like i have no time, we do something like have a program social and then i remember why i love grad school so much and i get a renewed sense of vigor (i hate that word).

my papers on death and funerals in american culture are coming along. i have mostly been doing research and haven’t done a lot of writing yet, but i can feel it brewing and i am excited to get some things down on paper. i am retarded busy. seriously. sometimes i wonder how the hell i keep up with it all. but then i remember i am somewhat of a superhero and get over it. πŸ˜‰

i had so many people show up to my birthday dinner–so many people that i love. i would give up sleep, time, money, anything, to stay in tight relationships with all of them. ❀

oh yeah, and one other decision i made while driving along I-15 to portland. i will be renting my house come may if it doesn’t sell. that is right. i am getting out of there regardless. so, if anyone knows of anyone who won’t eff things up and is looking to rent a pretty dope house, let me know.



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  1. a lot of times the only thing that makes me nervous about school is knowing and hearing about how busy you are. all for the right reasons tho right??? RIGHT??? i better get paid big bucks when i graduate… πŸ˜‰

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