just a saturday afternoon

my saturday class is NO MORE! woohoo! that means i get my weekends back. well, except for next weekend cause i have to work on saturday…but after that, i will be a happy kid…

i am feeling really productive today. in class i had a paper due and a presentation that i had to give…both went well. i also had to take a test…which ended up being open neighbor, so that was also good. went for a massage right after that (sigh, that was nice) and then came home, did my taxes and submitted my FAFSA for the next school year. 🙂 bad news: i couldn’t claim any of my educational benefits because i had to file married but separate. i guess they don’t let you do that. it is sort of strange filling everything out as “divorced”…but it is also relieving. i like only worrying about me! i can handle that. the band Flyleaf as a song called ‘breathe today’ and there is a line that goes “you can only move as fast as whose in front of you”. well, darlings, guess what? i don’t have anyone keeping me from running at full pace anymore. sweet relief!

today is a beautiful day–it is almost 60 degree outside…and upon looking at my mac dashboard, i see that the rest of the week is also going to be sunny and 60. FINALLY! god, it makes everything seem better when the weather is good. i hate talking about the weather…but seriously, it needs to be noted. i wish i had some extra cash…i would go buy a scooter. i think i would look good on a scooter. maybe when i sell the house (positive thinking there), i can get one. that would be too much fun.

i dyed my hair platinum blonde. that should also be noted.

next on my list: get my first paper for my rhetorical theory class completed! i had some friends from school over the other night and we went over some of my artifacts and i got really excited about my ‘professor for a day’ assignment. i think that everyone will have a lot to say about my topic, and i am stoked to hear what everyone has to contribute.

current music: A LOT of rachael yamagata. randy got me her new album for christmas and i can’t get enough of it. AND, she will be here in concert on the 28th and we will be going to that. very much looking forward to it. also, Ivoryline. been rocking that shiz with the windows down on the nice days. gotta love the poppy punk loud stuff. last but not least, Bon Iver. just purchased the new album about a week ago. i am in love. LOVE. sooo beautiful.

current annoyance: um. hum. none! wow. that is awesome.

current wish: summertime

current trip being planned: new york in may to visit my long lost friend, laurel. this will be a good time. the radisson in ny, however, is not the cheapest…even with employee rates. LAME. but i can stay with laurel and i can also get a buddy pass for the flight. travel is my new goal. after NY, hopefully chicago. and this summer i hope to get to the beaches of mexico. it is a lot easier to travel when you just have one to pay for. just gotta find someone to go with you. portland and philly were awesome…and it got me on a vacation kick. and really–you don’t have to spend a ton of money.

quote of the day: “spring has begun. the earth is like a child who knows poems” –Rainer Maria Rilke.

tonight: bayou with sarah quentin. love her.

❤ ❤


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  1. Two things – I have a scooter and I will take you for a ride once I get it geared up for spring again. I even have an extra helmet – and yes, you have to wear one. I'm not to cool for safety. Secondly – my goal is ALWAYS travel – so if you need a buddy let me know and I'll see what I can do. :>

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