i am not removed

so. a few things on my mind.

after a study group last night with my good friends heidi and mindi (lots of “i’s” in those names…) i decided on a title for my first DEATH paper. drum roll please:

“A Rhetorical Tradition: The Language and Business of the American Funeral”

please tell me that sounds somewhat interesting. I have been reading like a crazy person and watching six feet under a lot. i have almost gone through the entire first season. lots of good stuff there. i am going to be putting together a presentation soon combining all of the footage from six feet, as well as some really interesting things i found on youtube. first, one must watch this and hopfully you will find it as um, EFFED UP, as i do:

that will be heaven.

class tonight. another long day that will hopefully wrap up well.

❤ rock.


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