radtastic smackattack

whew. presentation on death is over. i am feeling a little numb. death is death. i guess that was sort of the point of wanting to research it. you know? to put it out there as something real, face it, think about it, study it. i am not as afraid of it as i used to be. in general.

more specifically, i am still terrified. which is normal.

i am totally caught up on school right at this moment. i don’t feel behind at all. i got an A in my multimedia course (5 weeks course) and i am hoping for that sort of outcome in my other two classes. school will be out for the summer soon enough and i can’t wait.

it snowed last night. that wasn’t fun. last night wasn’t fun in general.

something to note: one can be perfectly happy in oneself but when someone you love isn’t, it makes it hard to stay happy…at least for me. when you feel someone else’s pain, is that connection? is that sympathy? is that being in love? my heart aches when his does. that is all i know.

my darling sister will be home soon. well, my home soon. not hers. but she will be here with me…which is a kind of home. sunday night i will be cooking for the nelson girls and their significant others. this has never happened before. sisters and their boys. should be fun. or, at least a moment in time to be remembered.

i will make tacos. veggie tacos. and homemade guacamole. oh, and margaritas.

celeste will NOT be drinking margaritas. that should also be noted.

i can’t wait for the weekend. i can’t wait to sleep in. i can’t wait for some sunshine. i can’t wait for rachael yamagata with my boy.

i love looking forward.


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