things i love

that is a good start. i like the idea that the more love you put into the world the more you will get back. is that cheesy or what? but i have been thinking a lot about the law of attraction lately and thinking that when i end up getting frustrated, i should just find something else to love.

i have loved my job this week. i don’t think i have felt like that in a few months with the down economy (i hate even mentioning that crap these days). but things feel like they are picking up and i have found some good business.

i have loved school this week. i have loved my doggies this week.

but i am on the hunt for new things to love.

here are a few things i have found in the past little while to love:

1) the american chemical society. yes. really. they were the most grateful clients i have had in a long time.
2) the new kelly clarkson album. yup. that is right.
3) false eyelashes
4) the term P.I.C and my P.I.C (partner in crime)
5) the movie “role models”
6) my new gray and white stripped dress
7) the fragrance ‘brit” by burberry
8) heidi and mindi from school, green beer, and good conversations
9) my littlest sis growing up all of a sudden
10) guava lipgloss
11) my boy drinking from a flask in the middle of the street with no reservations
12) the album “for emma, forever ago” by bon iver
13) homemade lasagna
14) buddy passes to NY
15) the possibility of going to new york. 🙂

will now be spending more time thinking about what to love…


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  1. Chelsea you are my list of things to love. 🙂 I really do believe in loving life and it will love you back. Not that everything will be perfect, but looking for things to love makes them easier to find.

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