when you asked me how
i knew i loved you,
i didn’t hesitate.
i didn’t try to convince
you of why or how,
i simply just said
that my moments
were empty when
you weren’t in them.

and you understood.

i didn’t ask how you
knew you loved me.
that moment was abundant
enough to trust every
word that left your
perfect mouth.
clear and seeable.

i understood everything.

and i wonder some days,
in these collapsed moments,
if you can remember
the bounty we felt then,
the completeness,
the adequecy,
the plentitude,

and understand

the clairty i see
when you fill these
lonely days.
when you are close
enough that i can
simply reach out.

and now there is this
moment, emptied.
and several before it.
days worth of moments
that you can only exist in
your head full of a thick
blackness you can’t shake.

and i want to understand.

but you aren’t here to
touch or hear or hold.


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  1. You made me cry! Thanks! Really- thanks! I love poetry. I used to write a lot. Don’t know why I stopped. You’ve inspired me to think of doing it again.

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