things i hate….

do you ever just have those days where the things that always bother you REALLY EFFING bother you? i am having one of those days. and i am almost laughing at myself because i was so on my ‘things i love’ kick just days ago. today has been a good day. i mean, nothing has set me off or made me crazy or mad…i just started looking at random people’s blogs and the things that only sort of drive me crazy have been making me want to punch the computer screen today. so, in true chelsea fashion, I MUST LIST THEM!!!

what chelsea hates:

1) family email addresses: i do not want to send emails to EVERYONE in your family–or your significant other. sometimes, i just want to email YOU. please have a personal email address…it is the LEAST you can do for yourself.

2) scrap-booking: all those pages look the same to me. sorry. they do.

3) twilight and everything that goes along with it. although, me and cardboard edward are pretty funny….

4) unresponsiveness to text messages: people, even if i don’t ask you a question…i STILL want some kind of response. at least let me know you GOT THE DAMN THING.

5) unannounced house visitors. i will not open the door…i need warning!

6) facebook fan pages for things like “Jesus” or “the book of mormon”. i mean, really? a fan page? so you can become a fan of jesus like you are a fan of In and Out Burger? lame.

7) houses in my neighborhood that are priced lower than mine, but are larger! you are ruining it for me people!

8) the thought process that people choose to be gay, or rather that they choose to “accept the consequences” of being gay. i just read that in a blog. it made me upset. to person writing blog: if it isn’t a choice to be gay (and it ISN’T), then saying that one chooses to “accept the consequences” of being gay is just as bad. freaking ass hole.

9) taylor swift’s eyes. she looks like an alien and every time i see her i a cringe.

10) people at the Redbox who TAKE FOREVER to look at every movie and read every synopsis while I am waiting to return. BE AWARE, for hell’s sake. i am already late to work.

11) most family pictures. i know..i know..but really, they usually look so fake and stupid.

12) family blogs. except for my friend’s families. everyone else’s are lame…

13) family blogs about scrap booking. haha. seriously. you need to blog about scrap booking?

14) clients who bring 18 people on a site tour and all try to ask you (and each other) questions at once. THIS IS NOT PRODUCTIVE.

15) buses. riding in them, driving by them, waiting for them.

16) all weather except for sun. this includes but is not limited to: rain, sleet, snow, fog, wind, polution, blah blah. unless you come with sunshine, i don’t want cha.

17) the road that leads to my house with a shit ton of pot holes, train tracks, and terribly filled potholes trying to mask that fact that there ARE STILL HUGE POTHOLES. my suspension, nay alignment, is PISSED!

18) not having been tattooed in 5 months. what is up with that chels? get with the program and call trev. this week.

19) worrying about everything, all the time, constantly.


i feel so much better. and happier!

now i will go forth and drink much coffee and write much about death.


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  1. can i agree with many of those? well too bad cause im going to.2. i have only seen one scrapbook i can actually say i really liked and that was mandas. otherwise, i think everything going into it is cheesy. just make a damn photo album. why add all that EXPENSIVE cutout construction paper shit???4. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DONT AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE MY TEXTS!!!! 6. haha, you already proclaimed mormon on your facebook profile. we KNOW you love jesus and the book of mormon. we dont need to see you have a page about it. 8. i dont give a shit if people DO choose to be gay. its not my place (or anyone elses) to tell them that choice is wrong or right. does it hurt anyone in our society? no. are you stealing, lying, cheating, killing, pillaging, wreaking, destroying, hurting in any way, shape, or form, anything in this society? no. therefore, NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS!!! do you see me asking why you choose to wear your hair like that you straight asshole?? no. its their choice or its not- either way, none of your GD business!!!16. all im going to say is “haaaaaaaaalllelujah” to that sister. god i need to move to california.17. the roads to your house blow and my stupid piece of shit car is even more of a piece of shit after driving to your house the few times i have. ha.19. all i do is worry. GETS REALLY OLD. i love you and this entry.sorry everyone else who is now reading MY blog in response to chelsea’s. im sure you didnt care.

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