the grass is greener…..

he is risen. happy easter.

it has been an interesting weekend. but aren’t they all??

i have been sick this week, so friday was my night to myself for recovery, gin and tonics, homemade dinner, and sleep. although, i am pretty sure i didn’t actually hit the hay until well after 2 am. but i must rant and rave for a few minutes about the dinner that i made…cause it was pretty fantastic. chicken, homemade marinara, artichokes, kalamata olives, a little olive oil, dill, garlic….let that thicken up…then added some sour cream to the sauce last minute, topped over whole wheat pasta. heaven. HEAVEN. i don’t make pasta hardly ever. in fact, i don’t eat pasta hardly ever…but i outdid myself. and isn’t that what a night in is for???

after that, i wrote a little bit, worked on my paper for school, chatted with a few friends, and then slept…and slept hard. didn’t wake up until noon and it was perfect. i spent saturday at my favorite coffee shop with my friend tiffany, and then finishing up my paper. it is done!! yay! now i only have my last final paper to go, a website to create, and then my first year of grad school is over. 🙂

AND THEN……2 days after i turn in that paper for class….THIS:

yup, don’t even worry. karma loved me for once and i get to go on an amazing 7 day caribbean cruise…um, FOR FREE. long story, but let’s just say i love jamie nielsen whipple because she is giving me a prefect little trip at the perfect time in my life. 🙂 i simply can not wait. there is nothing i need more than some relaxation on white sand beaches, drinking margaritas, and just calming down for a bit.

today has been nice. hanging with family. spring weather. green grass. sunshine. a long phone call with lacey lou, and a lot of candy. things to complain about? sure. a lot. but right now i am going to choose to close my eyes and think about how that green grass felt on my bare feet today and think of summer…..


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