equal rights…why are people SO confused?



with all of this hubbub with miss california coming up with the WORST answer ever for the miss usa pageant, this has just been on my mind a lot. then i saw this link today and it gave me hope.

people need to understand the difference between religious marriage and civil/federal marriage. protect the bejezzus out of your religious marriage, i am all for it….but don’t try to take away equal rights for all people. it makes NO sense. there is absolutely no way to convince me that eliminating certain people from necessary human rights (such and love and the pursuit of happiness) based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else of that nature, is in any way a moral or ethical thing to do. four states are on the right track to equality. we have a lot more to go and i hope eventually we will get there. people can still have their religious and/or personal belief that being homosexual is wrong, but that doesn’t mean you can take rights away from anyone based on god, religion, or your humble opinion.

and please, if this country wants to “protect the sacredness of marriage”…then we should really be looking at the insane rate of divorce among heterosexual marriages. it isn’t like we have marriage figured out. just because two people give it a good shot, straight or gay, religious or not, doesn’t mean that it works. so, why are people so afraid of gay people working on building something strong and solid in their lives as well? isn’t that what we are all searching for? what is everyone so afraid of?

i am sorry, but i think it comes down to ignorance. i know gay couples who are healthier than a lot of heterosexual couples i know. and guess what…their kids are too. happy, healthy, heterosexual kids raised by gay couples. yes, it happens. because family is about love. family is not about one person’s definition. it is not about sex or gender. it is not about man or woman. it is not about religion or god. it is not about right and wrong…or what YOU think is right or wrong for someone else.

get it? if two people love each other, that is the purest form of humanity. so, please, let us all be human.



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