where is the s u n day?

my butt hurts from sitting at Nostalgia for like 3 weeks in a row. this coffee shop is starting to feel like a second home. why it is that i get so much writing done here, i don’t know. i think it is the amazing coffee or the $1.50 beer nights on thursday. either way, my entire 30 page paper has more or less been written here. so that is cool. i tend to switch coffee shops for writing now and then. i used to do all of my writing at salt lake roasting company, then i hit up the barnes and noble for a while (so i could have books at my finger tips), then the coffee connection for a semester, and now here. i think i am sticking with here. the lighting is good. the espresso is fab, and it is always the same people. i like familiar faces. most of the time. i am happy, however, that this paper is almost complete. i have two more days to work on it and then that is it. the big cheese is finally done (for now anyway…still a lot of work to start submitting it). final title??

From Industry to Ideology: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Business and Hegemony of American Funeral Practices and their Interference with the Natural Grieving Process


lots of family stuff this weekend. went to see celeste dance in logan last night…she did amazing! it makes me miss dancing…but i am at least glad i still have a good excuse to see some modern dancing. mandy moved back to SLC, so we have done some hanging and tonight we have a bridal shower. so, more family. 🙂 it should be an alright time. then i just have to focus on finishing up my last week of school and get ready for a sweet vacation.

after that…house selling. packing. purging. positive thinking.

my house will sell by the end of summer…..my house will sell by the end of summer….my house will sell by the end of summer….my house will sell by the end of summer….my house will sell by the end of summer…..

say it with me now:

my house will sell by the end of summer…..

that is all.

new album for the week: thirteen senses, “the invitation”. love it.
current annoyance: the rainy weather
current favorite: elf candy shop lip gloss
fun little fact: today would have been my 7th wedding anniversary. weird. very very weird.



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