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i think i might have just had the best week of my life. or at least one of them. i wish i could put everything that happened here in this little blog and give you all a play by play of the amazing time i had on my trip..but let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be much fun for you. so, here are a few highlights.

i got to ft lauderdale on saturday around 6 and jamie was already there. it only took a bit for all us ladies (jamie, marylee (whose cruise ticket i got to have and was there a few days early for her own vacation) jamie’s mom Linda (my second mother) and her friend Denise) to get all dolled up and hit the town. it was quite the epic evening out and about. there is nothing quite like eating seafood on the cost. i had the best calamari of my life…along with other seafood fare that was to die for. then we did an array of things from dancing, drinking, gambling, clubbing, riding around in taxis, etc. we didn’t hit the sack until 6 am. it was memorable to say the VERY least. the next morning we headed to the cruise ship.

i had never been on a cruise, so i wasn’t sure what to expect. everything about it was pretty awesome. i mean sure, it was cheesy as hell…kind of like las vegas in the middle of the ocean…but perfect for a get away. on the days we were at sea we spent a ton of time on the deck of the boat laying out, soaking up the sun, drinking buckets of beer, and being generally lazy. nights were full of piano bars, dance clubs, amazing dinners, and cute canidians. when the boat let us off for a few hours, we got to hang out at margaritaville in the cayman islands and see a bootay shaking contest, snorkle in the reefs of belize and also buy some amazing handbags (burberry and another prada are now new to my collection), and shop and bar hop in key west. the only real bummer was that our Honduras stop was cancelled due to riots taking place regarding labor laws. silly Roataneans. but all in all–there was nothing about the trip that was a real disappointment. jamie and i ordered a lot of room service, watched music videos, laughed our asses off, and got tanner than you would care to see. it was amazing.

i have to say, i was so happy to go on this trip with my good friend jamie. we have been friends since we were 3 and i am so lucky to have her in my life. i think this trip renewed our friendship a great deal and i am already missing the crap out of her! she is an amazing woman!!!

some pics:


school is OUT for summer!! yayayayay! i got my grades for last semester and I got a 3.9. 2 A’s and an A-. DAMN that A-. I was hoping for a 4.0…but oh well. i am fine with it. it was a great semester. i am so happy to be on a break and i am going to be incredibly ready to go back in the fall. i am hoping to get some good traveling done this summer…canada, here i come.

also, i have someone looking at the house tomorrow night. it is going to sell. i can feel it.

so, that is it! i am back and am so excited for summer and camping trips and bbqs and friends and all of that bidness.



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  1. Yeah! We were going to go on our first cruise this year, until the blasted swine flu hit. Hubby’s too scared. 😦 So, we’re planning for next year. The good news is that everyone’s passport is done (seriously…that just affirms we truly were planning). Guess you know who it is. I don’t do this lightly so, I hope you’ll keep my identity safe.

  2. You sassy mamma you. I’m so happy you had such an amazing time on your cruise! Its times like those that we really need in life to keep our motivation and hope. (at least for me anyway :)) love you girl and you look amazing.

  3. so jealous of your cruise! and also so glad you guys had such a wonderful time…you deserved it!CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADES!!! please bless i EVER do that well in my entire grad school experience…

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