the perfect place….

i think i found it.

i put a deposit on a great duplex/apartment over the weekend that i am excited to spend the next year of my life or so in. 🙂

i didn’t think i would find something that fast. just goes to show that the decisions i am making are the right ones (i think). that life CAN actually fall into place if you try to move forward instead of feel stuck.

the new place is right downtown by trolley square. i am going to back in the heart of downtown and i am very happy about that. being single in surburbia is just stupid. at least for me. i am driving downtown for work, school, and my social life…so why not just live there? the new place is meant for me. it is an old bungalow, but all redone inside. new carpet, new appliances, new cabinets, etc. two huge living spaces, two large bedrooms, and even a little storage room that is perfect for the dogs. i have a private fenced in back yard…which was mandatory. the dogs will be happy and so will i. i am so excited to live by myself, in my own house, where there are no memories but the new ones i am going to make. FINALLY!

here are some pics of the new digs:

and i am pretty sure i went on one of the best dates ever this weekend. so, there is that. new place, new guy, new attitude, now i just need new shoes. LOL.

anyone wanna help me pack and move??? lord knows i am going to need it.



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  1. I will totally help you pack and move! I'm SO happy for you! You will need to have a little get together for your new place. Its so cute and I'm so happy for you! Call me when you need some help k

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