putting life in boxes

i got a great start on packing up my house. i have realized i have a lot of stuff.

i have also realized that i have a lot of stuff that i had put away for specific reasons over the past year…and i am refinding it again. not the best part of moving.

divorce takes a long time. well, at least for me it has. it doesn’t really seem to have taken long for him–but then again, he hasn’t lived in this house for the last 10 months. it is like this ongoing process of emotion interwoven with things and items that doesn’t clean up nice and neat (even when i thought it might…). even when you put things away, they can always rise to the surface again.

the shoes buried in the closet
the diamond ring
the ultrasound picture
the old movies
the judas priest necklace that he got when he was 11….(haha)

things put away, refound, and boxed up again (or gently put into the garbage…lol)

i am compartmentalizing. it sucks, but then feels REALLY GOOD.

just found out i have friday off on the 3rd of July. sweet. plenty of time to move and get shit settled.

had someone look at the house last night and have someone looking tonight. one of these days, someone is going to have to buy it. crap.

now if it would just stop raining……….


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