sitting in the restaurant…..

at work. MOD shift. didn’t this just happen?

oh well. i don’t mind it so much i guess. i mean, i usually end up having a good conversation or two with fellow co-workers that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to have. i get to blog. i get to have a free meal in the restaurant (which is always amazing) and then i get to sleep in tomorrow. so, no more complaining from this girl.

the packing is coming along well. got a lot done last night and it feels good to be throwing away stuff that i don’t need and don’t want. time to simplify.

lately i have just been listening to a shit ton of new music…mostly thanks to sara. the world changes a little bit when you find new music…and i like that. and then you create all of these new memories about the times when you were listening to that new album. so now, The Life and Times and The Graduate are going to be my summer of 2009 bands, and I am very happy about that. so, next summer, when i am driving down that one street and that one songs comes on, i will be have a flash back to those three weeks in june of 2009 when it rained a lot…but then…all of a sudden the sun came out, and the way it felt on my skin and in my hair was amazing. songs are like tattoos you know…. (joni mitchell told me).

and then, when i move next week, i will have a musical memory for that. and then another one for fall and another one for christmas break.

i like thinking of life this way. how the album Monster by REM reminds me of 9th grade and making out with my boyfriend in the halls. or how MXPX reminds me of driving to the warp tour the summer of 2000. the list goes on and on. or how AFI reminds me of my friend sara’s terrible ex. haha. Blue, by joni mitchell will always be in line with my best friends and professors from college. a timeline of melody really.

the new stuff just gets better and better…just like the memories that go along with them.



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  1. ugh i am SOOOOOOO happy right now about this blog. THIS….THIS RIGHT HERE is why i share music with people. most people dont take it too seriously and then there's people like you who gets effected by music like i do. we're friends for so many reasons….i love you to death and then back to life.

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