gearing up

wow. some time has just gone ahead and waltzed right on by me. what a crazy couple of weeks!

I am officially into the new place, settled, and LOVING being back downtown. It has been so nice getting to gallivan for Thursday night concerts, arts fest, jazz fest, red butte gardens, and everywhere else that i love downtown. soooo much happier than i was in the middle of the burbs. although, i can’t say that much for my dogs. they are restless as all hell. i am still not trusting leaving them outside in the yard for too long by themselves…so much goes on all day and all night around my new place, that they still don’t know how to react to things. it will be better as time goes on and they adjust…but i feel for the poor little nuggets. but overall, the whole experience has been great and i can’t wait to play for the rest of the summer before school starts back up…which, is just around the corner. gulp.

i feel like i have been spending my time exactly how i want to be over the past few weeks. saw bon iver and death cab for cutie in some of salt lake’s beautiful outdoor venues. red butte gardens is my all time FAVORITE place in SLC to see live music. the death cab show was great and very last minute. i got tickets about an hour before the show…so i feel super lucky. overall, the night was pretty amazing. great weather, great venue, great company….i could do that everyday. and also, the twilight concert series kicked off last week with one of my favorite artists of all time, bon iver. it was a beautiful show. things get really crazy at gallivan…so many people go that it gets a little out of control. but it is at the very least entertaining to sit and people watch and catch up with good friends on those beautiful salt lake city summer nights. ahhhhh, i wish it could be summer all the time. i am hoping to make the tori amos concert on sunday, but that is still up in the air.

Tomorrow: lagoon for sara q’s bday. this will be fun times. i haven’t been in several years, so i am excited to get my roller coaster groove on!!!

Sunday: Pool Club.

In Love With: all natural white cheddar cheetos. i can’t get enough. oh well. and also, summer in slc. it makes my heart so very happy.

Hating: not enough time for everything and everyone and restless doggies.

Music: can’t stop listening to Creeper Lagoon.

Boob Tube: so obsessed with the Dexter series. really, i dream about it. i am in love with michael c. hall now. what a brilliant premise for a story.

annoyance: dating.
can’t stop: dating.

that is all for now!


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