i would like for….

people to stop calling me about my ex husband. it is bad enough dealing with my own issues right now–the last thing i need is 3 phone calls a day from people trying to hunt him down! crap!


my nose to stop itching and my throat to stop hurting.


people to start being REAL with me.


me to stop having to live paycheck by paycheck….NOW. i mean, i know that things take time…but i am ready for some effing cash in my pocket already!


bad couple of days. bad couple of weeks, actually. feeling kind of um, lonely, or something. feeling like i need to write. but not feeling like i have the energy. yeah, that is it. feeling quite drained of all energy completely.

and sick of TOP of all of that.

i am sort of getting all bad ass. not dealing with bullshit…from anyone anymore. and it is tiring. but hopefully, in the next year, things will be easier because of it. for now, bud light, summer, dogs, and girlfriends help.

i need to get a grip.


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