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All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth. —Friedrich Nietzsche

my nature says not to fight you

when you are using the word “truth”,

as if your personal (T)ruths apply

to the masses. For you,

it is mathematical: one answer,

one outcome, one final number

that everyone should see–if they only

solve the equation correctly.

Subjectivity is my axiom.

A genuine open eyed prayer,

a substantiality that is personal,

even if the words spoken are the same.

The sounds I make do not take the

same shape as yours when they

hit the atmosphere.

“(T)ruth” leaves my lips like a lie,

as though he understands that I do

not believe in the equation he represents.

But, from your tongue “(T)ruth” laughs

and wickedly grins as you embellish

his ego with no second thought.

“(T)ruth”, the scandalous deceiver, is

a mischief-maker, a causer of problems

for those who find solace in the context

of life, of experience, of personal revelation;

ideals that “(T)ruth” can never speak to.

Nothing can speak of condemnation

like your “(T)ruth”;

with its verity and straight lines.

Universality is a made up deception.

Absoluteness encompasses nothing.


Categories: Poetry

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