ATAL: it wasn’t so bad…..

So, new memories made are the following:

hurrying to an all-ages show that starts at 7 on a week night, missing the first song, and then only getting to hear them play for about 1/2 hour.

why is it that MY band had to open the show?

the good news is that they sounded unbelievable. his voice was awesome and all of the new stuff they played was pretty killer. the new album comes out on tuesday, and i will be all over that bidness. AND, the songs that they chose to play from their self titled album were great. I just wish they could have played for an hour longer. 😦

so, i dropped the last 20 bucks in my pocket to see this band play for 30 minutes (which was ultimately worth every penny) and then headed to meet my new friend, jamie, for a few glasses of wine at fiddlers elbow.

meeting new girlfriends is hard to do. i have been lucky enough in my life to have met several girls over the past few years that i now call my best friends. i was already lucky to have girlfriends since i was a kid who have stuck around–but really, meeting cool girls is difficult. sooooo, i am happy to have met jamie because she rules. πŸ™‚ the rest of the evening was spent listening to good music with mister herbert and drinking strong vodka drinks with fresh lemon and lime. pretty sure you can’t go wrong there.

i wish i didn’t have to sleep. i am tired today. but that good tired i always like to mention….the tired where you know every moment of sleep you missed was worth it.

i am feeling much better lately. my outlook has changed a great deal, and that is mostly because i had to remember that i have control over that. thoughts become your perception and your perception is your reality. i have control over how awesome or how down i feel. i am done blaming feeling depressed on other people or situations. because when i do that, it just makes things worse. i am a happy person and i will continue to be happy, even if i have to fake it every once in a while to remember that feeling.

we attract our dominant thoughts. so, i am making mine count.

life is good, even when it is hard.



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