a missing friend and a dinner party

my good friend, lacey, is in town from portland.

lacey and i have been great friends since high school. we have a lot of amazing memories. in fact, she was the first person i drank with. ha. somehow, i know she is proud of that. lacey has not lived in salt lake for quite a while now, but we reconnected last march when randy and i went to portland for a little vacation. since then, i think we have gotten a lot closer and i feel really lucky to have such a great friend in my life who has such a vast knowledge of my history and personality. i have quite a lot of those, and it always makes me feel proud to have kept such great friends.

last night lacey and i went to a dinner party at another old friend’s house. our old friend nikki put on this amazing meal for about 12 beautiful girls. lacey and i didn’t really know anyone but nikki, but every one there was very welcoming and we got along just fine. the big surprise was that nikki bailey can cook. i am sure much of this comes from having an italian mother. we are talking bruchetta, cous cous, salads, sweet potato fries, a wide assortment of wines and champagne and catchatorie chicken. WOW. one of the better meals i have had in a while! nikki had her entire back yard set up with matching plates (something i don’t have) and the whole nine yards, including tiki torches. 🙂 i believe a dance party occurred after lacey and i left…which i am sure was amazing.

after dinner, lacey and i went to see randy for a bit and we chatted about music and portland and a slew of other things before we had to call it a night.

all in all, it was pretty blissful.

tonight lacey and i will eat sushi and then head over to the gallivan to see a band called iron and wine–whom i love. we will meet up with friends and drink beer and enjoy one of the last summer nights salt lake city has to offer.

this week off is proving to be more than i wanted. lots of friends and time to relax. some shopping, some wine, some good coffee at nostaliga. yes, i will feel more than energized when this week is up


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  1. Chels, I am indeed proud that I am the first person you drank with. And I love you! I am so glad we are friends. I feel lucky too! This has been an amazing trip, and I seriously love hanging out with you. And our crew. We are awesome. Ahhh.

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