lacey, old friends, and punch

today i am back to work. actually, an MOD shift back on a sunday afternoon has been quite perfect. I got caught up from my week off MUCH quicker than if I had tried to get things back in order with the regular monday morning madness. it has been a quiet day.

the rest of my week off was awesome. on thursday, lacey and i went to the gallivan center for their concert series. iron and wine was playing, but unfortunately, there will like a gagillion people there and it was quite a cluster. we ran into some friends and hung out for a bit, but trying to see or even HEAR the band was pretty impossible. i think they had over 5,000 people in attendance, so it was crazy. it comes down to this: gallivan twilight concert series is a fun summer event. however, i would rather pay to see a band i really liked in order to weed out the crap. although, it is great people watching. i met up with my friend jamie later and we went to a new bar called the green pig, which was pretty cool. sort of mellow with some karaoke going on. but, the girls wanted to dance, so we headed over to the worst bar in the world….lumpys. haha. however, the company was fantastic, so we had a good time.

two thumbs up:

two BIG thumbs down (i hate this bar…):

BUT: we did have some fun:

on friday, we had a dinner planned since Lacey was in town. several of our old friends, whom we still keep in touch with, but hadn’t gotten all together in a while, came and brought their kiddos. it was quite an awesome time. it is so good to see everyone in the same place and still enjoying each other’s company like we always have. even if months have passed, it never seem strange and the catch up time is great. i really liked that everyone brought their kids. it is amazing to see these little faces running around that look like your best friends. after the pie, we went back to rachel and kris’s and had some dessert and just hung out for a bit. it was a great way to send lacey off and i feel blessed over and over again with these amazing people who have been in my life for over 10 years, and even longer.

and then finally, on saturday, it was our annual pool club punch party!!! this is probably one of the best parties of the summer. we had a freaking ball. i can’t believe that summer is wrapping up and pool club is almost over for the season (only one more weekend left!!).

but on another note: I CAN’T WAIT FOR BACK TO SCHOOL!!!



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