"the map is not the territory"

–quote by Alfred Korzybski

the sign isn’t always the signified.

what we see is only perception. reality is nothing more than an invention of our perception and context.

i think i have seen that more in my life in the past year than ever before. the “reality” i live is not the perception that i give off about myself. therefore, it is not the reality that anyone else contextualizes me with. i love that and hate it all at the same time.

let’s give a run down on the classes so far this semester:

writing for new media. dope. this class will rule. i love multimedia. however, the longer i am in this program, the more i realize that i love the content much more than the design or the ‘creation’ of the look of media. i am interested in what it is saying in the words, images, and video. sure, design is an element of that…but i am very excited about moving from the creation of the web “design” to the creation of what is written inside the pages of CSS. šŸ™‚ the first assignment we have is to kick it old school–or rather write a personal narrative about a memory that changed us. haven’t done that since i was a freshman. i am giddy. THEN, the other assignment is to write an observance. YAY! i have some good ideas about what i am going to focus on, so i will post them once i get a handle on the words for those things. the goal with these two assignments is to then create a hypertext from them…turn them into something different…something new. can you say right up chelsea’s alley? bring it!

and then we have…

visual communication: what do you get when you combine art, image, advertisement, video, rhetoric, biology, philosophy and psychology? um, this shit. i love all of those things. not super sure about the professor yet, but really, the content is enough to hook me right away. in the first class she put a slide up…and guess what it was? oh, magritte. (see the sidebar of these blog with the link “the treachery of images”). mister magritte has quite a history with me, and we have already talked and read about him in this class. some things will always just keep coming around…and i am happy these images are one of them. i am also happy that i feel somewhat well versed in the terms and history of rhetoric because that is going to be an important part of this class. have i mentioned how much i adore rhetoric??? i think for me, my subjects of the greatest love are poetry first, rhetoric second, and images third. sounds like i am in the right place.

this is not a pipe:

the past year i have become to believe that i create my own reality. if i don’t like my current reality then i change my thoughts and after a bit of time has passed, i realize that my reality projects those thoughts. this is proof that reality is perception. anyone that doesn’t believe that needs to study the history of not only images and how we react to them, but even our biological make up that doesn’t allow us to see anything without filters of emotion, environment and context.

at least i know that i always have control over those three things.
i can always change my perception.
i can change my own reality.

i feel lucky to have figured even those things out. fall is around the corner…if not already on my doorstep. with it will bring a lot of memories of good times and bad…and then, the sorrow of the grey of winter. but this time around, i will perceive color instead of blacks and whites.


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  1. so i wrote down "the map is not the territory" in my school notebook because im seriously contemplating getting it tattooed on me somewhere. It is one of the most pertinent (to my life) phrases ive ever heard. how i love you my dear chelseafriend.

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