my visual communiations class is haunting me

3 pages on cogito:

“thought is given to itself; i somehow find myself thinking and i become aware of it. in this sense I am certain that i am thinking this or that as well as as being certain that i am simply thinking. thus, i can get outside the psychological cogito–without, however, taking myself to be a universal thinking. I am not simply a constituted happening; i am not a universal thinker [naturant]. i am a thought which recaptures itself as already possessing an ideal of truth (which it cannot at each moment wholly account for) and which is the horizon of its operations. this thought, which FEELS itself rather that SEES itself, which searches after clarity rather than possess it, and which creates truth rather than finds it, is described in a formerly celebrated text of Lagneau. should we submit to life or create it, he asked. and he answered: “once again this question does not pertain to the domain of the intellect; we are free and, in this sense, skepticism is true. but to answer negatively is to make the world and the self unintelligible; it is to decree chaos and above all to establish it in the self. but chaos is nothing. to be or not to be, the self and everything else, we must choose.”

From The Primacy of Perception and Its Philosophical Consequences

Authors: Merleau and Ponty

….and i somehow now understand you better and not at all, dear friend.


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