time for a party

this week was a good one. interesting, intense, fun, busy, and confusing.

school rocks. i am really liking all of my classes and last week we got to read our creative writing pieces in groups, and for a minute, i felt like i was back in my poetry or non-fiction classes. everything that everyone read was pretty awesome–and inspiring. i have been missing those creative outlets in a formal setting. every semester i am more and more convinced that i picked the perfect graduate program for me. i am already considering, however, to start applying all over the country for a second masters or PhD in creative writing as soon as i am finished here. this was something that i couldn’t do before because i was tied down to this city more than i cared to be. now, i am free as a bird and i can fly off to wherever my heart desires. bad ass. that is what that is. i have been working full time and being financially responsible for a long time and i would really like to try going to school MORE and working LESS. i am feeling more and more the need to change my focus from career to creation. from money to simplicity. from responsibility to flight. yup. so, we will see what becomes of that. adult responsibilities have gotten me no where. creation gets me everywhere.

i used to think owning homes and cars was awesome and investing was important.

now i think renting month to month and being more free of that kind of stuff is critical to my happiness. owning things has only gotten me stress and roots i don’t care to have.

just thoughts….

so it is time to party.

tonight i am throwing a ‘goodbye summer, hello fall’ gathering at my new(ish) place. i am actually really excited. my sister made a dance mix…which will be epic, i am sure. and randy and a singer/songwriter he has been playing with are going to play some live tunes. the backyard has been groomed and the chairs have been put out. the house is clean and i am ready for a nice fall evening among friends. i got my paper on ‘meaning making’ finished this afternoon and i think i will go buy myself something new to wear and see if i can’t find some outdoor lights to set the mood.

life is good. really good. and, i am in love with fall; the smells, the tastes, the people, the learning, the things to come.

it is time to make some new playlists and create some new memories.


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