things might seem
as though they are
getting out of hand.
as though the waves
of your promises and
you breaking them
has made life so dizzy
there is nothing
left to grasp hold of.

i approach you differently
each time; try to rectify
the situation i continually
blame myself for. when i
should be walking with one
foot in front of the other,
i end up bringing both feet
off the ground at once
and hitting the floor harder
each time i realize i have no
infastructure. no footing.
nothing holding me upright.

my reaction may determine
the length of time we dance
around this, once again,
so i become as reactionless
as possible in fear of
a recoil. moving from

ankles extending over ankles
in a vast mountainous cloud of
down comforter, to such
long durations of silence,
is like tumbling quickly
into unknown air that
clenches my throat and
then asks me to scream.


Categories: Poetry

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