young love

my little sister rules. today is her and her cute boyfriend’s six month anniversary. she wrote him a poem and asked me to edit it and review it. it turned out pretty good so i wanted to share it. i remember, very vividly, how these feelings were once so simple. it is quite the reminder sometimes of how things continue to get more and more complex as we get older. i myself just wrote a love poem that i posted on my poetry site a few short days ago. the differences are telling. i wish i could go back to this. to when the moments of simple connection trump all and life never seems to stand in the way of anything. the days where we didn’t over-think and we didn’t become so anxious. the days where two young kids could just be in love and not have to make life long choices, but just enjoy the ride. i would like to feel this optimistic again and write a poem that isn’t riddled with confusion for once. i would really like for simplicity to make its way back.

six months

It’s the way your hand fits
and how you smile when
I walk into the room

look at me
say my name

your lips lock
with mine
your eyes look
into mine

its in the way you touch
my face
how you hold
me close…
kiss my forehead

the way I can talk to you
the way you are the only one

the way you are always
on my mind

– Celeste Nelson

OH SNAP! that is it kids. that is what we want!!

i am becoming tainted with the difficultly of love. should it really be so difficult?


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