so being 14 was pretty cool. listening to all of those bands i used to love (pearl jam, REM, stone temple pilots, nine inch nails….) brings back lots of memories. BUT, i am glad to have made some new ones with those bands over the years. and finally, FINALLY, i got to see pearl jam live.

let me say this: i am not a huge fan of arena shows. i like close intimate settings and being able to connect with bands on a personal level when i go to a show. most of the music that i love offers me this. however, there are a few bands out there that are HUGE that need to be seen when possible. pearl jam is one of these. now, i don’t know much of pearl jam’s new stuff. after vitaology, i don’t think i actually purchased another pearl jam album. i am not really sure why (and now more than ever) that i sort of stopped being connected to that band. i think it was a moment in time for me and then i found other bands to be connected to.

however, this show was amazing. eddie vedder is such an iconic rock star and he was so interestingly fun to watch. he was all over the place…and at the same time–is voice was crystal clear and perfect. randy and i kept looking at each other with that look on our faces like…”wha????”…????? so awesome.

(last pic is from pearljam.com from their SLC show)

so, that was fun. things are sort of weird all around right now. trying to calm down and be mellow. mellow is key for chelsea.

focus: school. sort of work. and school.

everything else is wayside.

things are cold here in salt lake. temps dropped 40 degrees today and it snowed in the mountains. for the first time, i am not bothered by it. i am not saying that i won’t be bummed out in 2 months in the dreary grey snow filled bullshit that is SLC in the winter….but for now, i am happy. bring on the hats, boots, scarves, and chilly weather. it is going to be a winter of chelsea cuddling with dogs and hanging out by myself–writing, drinking, thinking, and looking at PhD programs. my new life plan is the following:

graduate with my masters
move away and do my PhD
work less
create more


yay! winter is coming!


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