seriously….i mean really. really?

i am sooooo over dudes.

dating is the biggest bullshit ever. that is all. one day, i will write the longest blog ever on all the bullshit that i have had to deal with over the past year with all of the douchey (albeit very attractive) men i have dated while being single. it never ceases to surprise me. one after the other. if i have to kiss a hundred frogs to get my prince, or whatever that crap is, i will give up. plain and simple. no prince is worth it. hahaha. seriously, i have had a string of bad luck. and it is getting harder and harder to not just lay it all out there on the table here in this blog. i don’t because i know it will come back to haunt me. but i am almost past caring. maybe i should just start calling everyone out on their shit–so everyone knows. awesome. gears are turning.

in other news, got the letter in the mail this week that they are starting the foreclosure process on my house. perfect. best news ever.

lord, i need the weekend in a major way. i start my saturday class this week (production design)–so there goes one day of sleeping in for 6 weeks. this sucks. however, the class should be good.

tomorrow, dinner with my sis for some one on one time before she is off to new zealand for a million days too long. saturday, i’ve got a wedding and all of the best people in the world will be there. that will be awesome. sunday girls brunch. so, some good things coming.

thank god for my girls.

it is 8:30 PM and i am SO going to bed early. i will fall asleep trying to figure out why any of the good men in my life are/were completely unavailable and all of the available men who are asshats are knocking my door down. it seems to be a no win situation. i am ONLY 30–they can’t all be married. or maybe they all got married while i was and now i have the leftovers to choose from. hahahahha. yup. god, things seem bleak in that department.

so here is some good news. i have found some pretty stellar PhD programs.

1) Cornell University (oh hells yes). MFA/PhD joint in English (check out the link by clicking on the school)

2) UC Berkeley: PhD in Rhetoric, emphasis on Literary and Cultural Studies. (link that shiz up)

those are top on my list for now. maybe this is why my love life is so unbelievably crappy. why get tied down to SLC, when ITHACA NEW YORK may be in my future? silly chelsea.

i feel like a crazy person.


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  1. OMG both of those programs look ridiculously amazing. dont you worry honey- ALL GOOD THINGS IN DUE TIME. promise. youre too hot and amazing for things w/ the mens to stay like this….xoxoxo

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