to be thankful…


this weekend. it was a good one. friday i got to hang with the sis for a nice one on one time before she takes off on another adventure until April. i have to say, i think i will miss her more this time around than ever before in the past. it has been so amazing having her home and i feel like we have gotten closer as sisters and as friends. i really really will have a hard time being away from her for so many months. however, i know that the journey she is about to embark on is one she needs to have and she will have an amazing time. new zealand is lucky to be getting her for so long. 🙂

my saturday class started this weekend also…and i have to say, it was a lot of fun. it might not be so bad getting up early for a few weeks, grabbing some coffee, and learning InDesign. it will be a nice addition to my weekend. after the class, it was time for a amazing time at cody and sheena’s wedding. it is so amazing when something wonderful comes up like a wedding where all of our friends can get together. it has been difficult over the past year because everyone is so busy with school and life–we haven’t had a lot of opportunities to enjoy each other all at once! so, the wedding was a beautiful night of love and good friends. i am so happy for sheena and cody. i think they are forever. and i don’t say that often….

after the wedding my date (my cutest girlfriend, jamie) and i went out to the beerhive (my new favorite place) and ran into a bunch of people i used to work with at red rock…and hung out the rest of the evening. i mean…um, all evening. i didn’t get home until 9:30 am! i slept a few hours and then headed up to the dodo cafe in sugarhouse for a girls brunch. it was delicious. this was certainly one of those weekends where i shake my head at my incredible luck with the girlfriends i have in my life. it makes life amazing.

oh, and any and all should check out the beerhive. reallly, i love it.

good weekend. should be a good week coming up.



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