why i love graduate school

yes, it is already time to register for spring semester. this means, time for the MPC social where all the courses that are being offered in the upcoming semester are discussed so students can plan their schedule. damn, i love small schools. so, next semester should be good–will kick my ass a bit, but fun none the less. on the docket:

technical writing
advanced web design
multimedia–flash design

tech writing will kick my ass. not my strong point. sure, i can write. but i hate writing things like proposals, directions, manuals, etc. LOL. not fun. but, hey, i guess we gotta do it.

but, here are two pieces of exciting news.

1) pop-culture conference in st. louis in march. i will be on a panel with a few other students and 2 professors from our program discussing the rhetorical nature of the following: religion, twilight (as in the lame ass books), mormons, and death (that is where i come in). we are meeting to write the proposal on november 12th and then it will be a trip funded by the school. not to mention, i get to listen to all sorts of cool papers and presentations on pop culture–one of my favorite things.

click HERE for some sweet info.

2) and here is the big one: MPC students are invited to register for a course for summer term (may) that will be traveling to the british isles and scotland and other amazing places to do travel writing and create a E magazine about our experience. one of the main things we will be doing is going to places that aren’t so well known, and in fact “strange”, to get good stories. this is the trip for me. so, i need to save $4000. i am not quite sure how this will happen…but I HAVE to make it happen. i will be collecting donations. ๐Ÿ™‚ i think we will have some fundraising and such…but nothing i can quite count on. i almost threw up when they announced this tonight at our social.

this HAS/MUST/NEEDS to happen for me.

i love school. i love this program. europe here i come…i promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS, if anyone has any good ideas about how to get some moolah, lemme know.


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